Do not lose the joy of life …

  • If you can, be happy with what you already have. You will definitely be able to live happily ever after.
  • Also, never compare yourself with anyone else. Don’t think you don’t have what others have. Instead, work hard to get what you don’t have.
  • Set short-term goals in your life. Often time is of the essence. So keep track of your goals from month to month. At the same time you have to work to accomplish them somehow.
  • Enjoy everything you do. If you go to school, go to school of your own free will and not be told by anyone. If you go to the office, feel free to go. You will not feel tired when you come home.
  • Always help anyone. It will make you very happy. It doesn’t have to be an action. There will be a little laugh.
  • Live in the present. Do not have high hopes for the future. Do not worry about the past. Live in the moment.
  • Never expect anything like this to happen. Do not expect anything from your parents. Everyone is human, and very different from each other.
  • Do not set unnecessary rules for your life because of anyone. Pay for your life the way you want to. But don’t bother anyone.




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Gimhani Senarathne

Gimhani Senarathne

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